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A Renewable World - Energy, Ecology, Equality
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A Renewable World - Energy, Ecology, Equality
This timely book explores proven and emerging solutions for building a global green energy economy as a basis for a prosperous and yet sustainable world. Only a world based on continuous renewal can sustain life and livelihoods. This book shares many examples and proposals for accelerating the renewable energy revolution, renewing the world's ecosystems and soils, renewing cities and local economies, and invigorating international cooperation.
Wind Power - Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business
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Wind Power - Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business
Wind Power has been completely revised and includes expanded sections on gauging wind resources and siting wind turbines, new examples and case studies of successful wind systems, international sources for new and used equipment, and hundreds of color photographs and illustrations.
Wind Energy Engineering
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Wind Energy Engineering
This authoritative resource offers comprehensive details on effectively using wind energy as a viable and economical energy source. Featuring a multidisciplinary approach, Wind Energy Engineering covers physics, meteorology, aerodynamics, wind measurement, wind turbine specifications, electricity, and integration with the grid. Planning, site selection, cost assessment, environmental impact, and project management are also discussed. Filled with diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, and statistics, this is a definitive reference to current and future developments in wind energy.
Solar Energy Fundamentals
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Solar Energy Fundamentals
A compilation of decades of knowledge spanning the author's career as a mechanical engineer specializing in heat transfer and thermodynamics in the solar and aerospace industries, this book is instantly practicable. Topics include definitions of energy terms, relationship of the sun and earth, sunlight on the earth, heat transfer, solar collectors, absorbed solar energy, solar domestic hot water systems, solar photovoltaic systems, solar space heating, solar power towers, Stirling engine solar power systems, passive solar energy, and greenhouse solar collector. Appendices cover Carnot and Stirling Efficiency, mathematical techniques for solving heat transfer problems, and case studies. The book includes an Excel®-based companion CD of computations for the reader to readily put the information in the book to practical use.
Solar Builder
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Solar Builder Magazine Subscription

Solar Builder is a bi-monthly magazine free to subscribers in the USA and Canada or $99 USD for all other subscribers. Click here if you are in the USA or Canada.

Solar Builder is a bimonthly magazine written for the contractors, installers and developers building solar PV projects across North America. Providing tips and tricks to produce better projects, Solar Builder highlights new products, the latest business advice, contractor profiles and project stories. Only Solar Builder focuses exclusively on the construction of solar PV projects for the contractor looking for an edge on the competition. Subscribe and download the iPad app from the Apple Newsstand today. | Twitter(logo) @Solar_Builder | Bi-weekly e-newsletter

Individual copies of Solar Builder are $10 in the USA, and $20 outside the USA. Please call the Circulation Department at 330-467-7588 to order individual copies.

Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities Power Generation
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Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities Power Generation
This thorough resource provides a 360 degree view of today's solar energy products, manufacturing and operating procedures. It emphasizes current and future applications of photovoltaic equipment in the commercial and utility sectors, highlighting its use in large scale power generating plants operating in US Deserts. Large scale PV power generation is one of the keys to meeting the energy and environmental demands of the 21st Century. Key technical aspects include design parameters, manufacturing and testing; product quality, performance and safety; environmental impact; fluctuating political and regulatory policies; and various financing, legal and marketing aspects.