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Pipe & Excavation Contracting Revised
Our Price: $34.99
Pipe & Excavation Contracting Revised
This popular manual has been updated and improved to bring it more current with modern earthmoving and trenching equipment, refined excavation techniques, stricter safety rules, and improved materials. Here you ll find how to enter and succeed in the underground utility business. Includes hands-on instructions for operating the equipment and doing the trenching, pipe laying and connecting work and answers to what causes so many skilled equipment operators and pipelayers to fail when they try to start their own business
Excavation & Grading Handbook Revised
Our Price: $49.99
Excavation & Grading Handbook Revised Nick Capachi Craftsman Book Co
This new edition of a trusted reference has been completely updated to keep excavating contractors, operating engineers, and those learning the trade current with state-of-the-art equipment usage and the most efficient excavating and grading techniques. In this practical manual, the authors guide you through just about every difficulty you'll find on a job site. You'll find procedures and essential job-sequencing techniques that can make or break a job, plus pointers for tough situations that other earthwork instruction manuals don't want to tackle.
Pipeline Planning and Construction Field Manual
Our Price: $114.99
Pipeline Planning and Construction Field Manual
The objective of this book is to provide engineers with the necessary tools and techniques for formulating plans, designs, cost estimates and specifications for pipeline construction and field maintenance and modernization programs. Packed with easy to read and understand tables, pipeline schematics, bullet lists and "what to do next" checklists, this easy to use book covers the design, construction, and operation of onshore pipeline systems, construction methods, commissioning, pressure testing, and start up into the design of a pipeline system.
Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
Our Price: $119.99
Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety Joe M Turner
Concisely written and presented in an easy-to-navigate format, this comprehensive guide arms you with the most current information available. New developments and trends, along with numerous design examples, illustrations, and important OSHA requirements and other legal issues, provide everything you'll need to excel in your field. Ideal for anyone involved in the trade, this indispensable resource brings you up to date on all the critical aspects of your job.
Moving The Earth: The Workbook of Excavation Sixth Edition
Our Price: $139.99
Moving The Earth: The Workbook of Excavation Sixth Edition
This on-the-job guide is as indispensable as your hard hat! Geared towards contractors, operators, engineers, superintendents, and students, this revised edition covers the latest methods, equipment, and regulations. This all-inclusive workbook covers EVERY aspect of site preparation and management, and details EVERY machine and vehicle needed to perform each task. Includes new information on international developments in earthwork construction, updated OSHA excavation safety standards, and both SI and U.S. customary units.
Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods
Our Price: $279.99
Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods
Hundreds of photos and illustrations make this dynamic text even more accessible to both students and professionals. Since technology is constantly evolving, this text provides an understanding of machine capabilities and how to properly apply those capabilities to construction challenges. This text is aimed at supporting a basic undergraduate construction equipment course that is part of an engineering curriculum. It is also applicable to graduate equipment courses.